The Uva Halpewatte Sustainable Range


So, to the tea.  We are proud to be bringing the wonderful teas of Uva, Halpewatte to these shores as our first offerings to the European market.

Uva Halpewatte tea comes from factory owned plantations, tea-small-holders and the lush Uva Greenlands estate, also owned and managed by Uva Halpewatte Exports. A family owned business founded upon a passion and devotion for tea, Halpe continues to lay its focus beyond commercial gain, aiming to produce the best tea with a personal touch of care and quality.

Uva tea is renowned for a mellow, smooth taste, and exotic aroma.  The tea also comes with an interesting heritage: Sir Thomas Lipton, the great Victorian magnate, first persuaded Americans to take up tea drinking with tea grown and manufactured on his Uva estates.

In the main picture above, members of the range include the Vanister Box, Mini Tea Paper Sack, as well as an amazing Reed Box of hand-made tea.  Not in the main image, but also in the range is a resealable Paper Bag, seen below, with a seasonal blend of FBOP graded tea packaged in biodegradable paper.


Halpe produce according to some fundamental principles:

  • To ensure freshness, teas are warehouse stored for a strictly limited time only.
  • Halpe produces Single Origin pure Ceylon tea. Grown, picked, manufactured and sold without the involvement of intermediaries.
  • Halpe tea is unblended. Quality is retained by not mixing with tea from other sources.
  • Halpe tea is a proud bearer of the Lion logo, a symbol of quality granted by the Ceylon Tea Board, the apex body, regulating the tea industry in Sri Lanka. The Lion logo indicated the highest level of quality.

We’re really pleased with the range, and hope that you are too.  We’d love to hear your feedback and hope your cake is as good as our tea.