Seasonal Pekoe Ceylon Black Tea from Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory

Uva Seasonal Pekoe

The 2014 seasonal black tea from the Uva Greenland Estates and Uva Halpewatte Factory has arrived in the UK, and is our best selling tea to date.   You may not have experienced Sri Lankan black tea before, so we thought a taste test and review was overdue.

This Uva seasonal tea is produced with leaves hand-picked from Uva Halpewatte estates with supreme climate conditions unique to the Uva province of Sri Lanka.  From July to August it’s a special time of the year for Uva province tea plantations.  Why?  The southwest monsoon winds pour their moisture on the laying hills, leaving the air and winds dry in the higher altitudes. This period of time is referred to as the “quality season” in Uva Province.  The dry hot days turn to cold nights, disrupting the normal process of photosynthesis in the tea bushes.  A limited harvest takes place during July to August and the tea inherits special traits; a natural minty, mentholated character, and an upgraded flowery, aromatic finish.

The dry leaves have a uniform dark copper brown to black colour, and the leaves are small to medium fragments.  The aroma of this seasonal pekoe is much more potent, and the menthol character is highly pronounced  It does not take a tea expert to feel the difference in quality in the seasonal pekoe. The quality season is the best time to have Ceylon teas specifically from the Uva Province.

Working closely with Uva Halpewatte, we are proud to bring their quality pekoe graded tea to the UK.   Sample the range here.